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Hemp seeds are known to contain the greatest amounts of protein in any plant species. Hemp protein is also advantageous for us for a number of other reasons, and it is apparent that the hemp seed has far more uses than just growing more hemp plants.

The protein from hemp helps balance the pH level of our bodies. Our bodies should be mostly neutral, leaning just a bit towards the basic side. However, our modern food creates an acidic pH inside our bodies, and this is inhibiting to growth and feeling good. Therefore, heightening the pH to its optimal level is a great aspect of hemp seeds. In addition, hemp seed are actually one of many ways of how to lose weight.

Besides just the protein, hemp also has positive bacteria in it that assist in breaking down food and making use of the amino acids that result from the decomposition of proteins. Without these good bacteria, the protein we get from hemp seeds would be useless, as well as the nutrition from all the other foods we eat. It is amazing that seeds contain not only hemp protein, but these other important factors too.

Next is the fiber found in hemp. Just one full serving of hemp seeds has a huge amount of fiber, which is necessary for cleaning out the body. In addition, the fiber found in hemp seeds is the type that is harder to find, so hemp fills in a significant gap in our diets, not only with fiber but with other components as well.

For the athlete, there is nothing better you can eat than hemp seeds. There is a vast and concentrated blast of amino acids in every serving of hemp seeds, and these amino acids are vital towards developing new muscles and repairing them. Since they are in the proper ratios, you get the most benefit from the proteins, and the full potential of your body is unlocked.

To get the full benefits of hemp protein, the seeds should be as fresh as possible. Also, the seeds should come from organic hemp; when synthetic chemicals are used, the quality of the seeds decreases considerably. This is unacceptable for someone who is serious about being healthy, so if you are going to use hemp seeds, make sure to use the best ones on the market.