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As you can already surmise based on the age of this blog (which was started in 2009), I have been promoting the benefits of hemp nutrition for years. After all, hemp is humanity’s greatest source of nutrition and the nutritional key to preventing humanity’s greatest diseases. I’m also very passionate about other industrial uses of hemp, as well as cannabis extract medicine. I consider myself more a supporter of cannabis utilization rather than cannabis legalization, although legalization is an indispensable step towards such utilization. Using this plant to its fullest extent can and will save the world!

For the purposes of spreading this truth, as well as truths regarding the power and importance of natural nutrition, I have begun writing eBooks for the Amazon Kindle. Perhaps one day they will make it to paperback, but since eBooks have already well surpassed print books in terms of sales (at least based on Amazon and Barnes & Noble sales data), it looks like that’s the way to go to best distribute information.

So far I have released two books related to cannabis and hemp nutrition, although hemp is only an aspect of the second book, whose greater focus is on whole nutrition. The first is titled Cannabis Prohibition: The Greatest Mistake in Human History. I know, that sounds like a bit of an exaggeration given all the other horrible things humanity has done. However, there is one specific reason Prohibition of cannabis outranks any disastrous policy decision in history, and it stems from the medicinal use of cannabis (and I’m not talking about smoking, but extract use). I guarantee even if you already know a lot about cannabis, this book will enlighten you even further, and give you the confidence to make the same bold claim I make in the title.

My second book is called 10 Simple Diet Tips to Transform Your Body and Change Your Life. As you can guess, one of the tips is adding hemp seed into your diet. This advice is not some quick list of hard-to-make changes that will help slightly. Each point is delved into substantially, with comprehensive evidence of why the advice is so powerful and how you can easily implement it into your daily eating habits.

Both of these books only cost $3, and the revenue goes primarily towards supporting my own organic nutrition habits and spreading this life-changing information even further. Give it a read, and you’ll surely take something away that will improve your diet for the rest of your life.