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When they say hemp this is industrialized hemp farming not the kind that get you high. The strained must not have high THC content but they do have the ability to be used for paper and clothing. Maybe a good way to stop chopping down trees. Hemp grows quicker and can be used for every use that trees are. Of course this won’t be an expensive mahogany piece of furniture but given the state of the environment with the polar ice caps melting this is good news. If the world switched to industrial hemp for food and commodities we could stop chopping down trees.  A recent study suggested that if we planted one billion trees the global warming trend on Earth would start to reverse. So lets plant more trees and use Hemp instead of chopping them down and save the planet.

Hemp also has a ton of uses for food. Now that farming is legal proper studies can be performed on the benefits of Hemp protein. Read the article about hemp farming legalization.

There is a lot of evidence that hemp consumption as a food could make people healthier now lets get the science done to prove it and figure out how best to consume this rich agricultural treasure.